Our scientists will enthusiastically tell you a story of the ancient Dubno Castle and show places you didn’t even know about.

“The history of the castle of princes Ostrozkyi”

Excursion at the territory of Dubno Castle

“Excursion at the ancient Dubno town”

Walking tour at the ancient Dubno town

“Traces of heroes “Taras Bulba””

Walking tour of the novella of Mykola Hohol “Taras Bulba”

“The history of torture and punishment”

Theatrical excursion at the exhibition

“Spirits and legends of Dubno Castle”

Night excursion


Others services

Marriage per day

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Business events

To conduct seminars, master-classes, conferences, presentations, festivals, exhibitions


Check your abilities in archery.

Infrastructure and services of Dubno Castle

Wedding tent

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Terrace grill

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3D cinema

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Wedding tent in Dubno Castle

Are you tired of stuffy restaurants, wedding halls and café? We propose for celebration a luxury white tent, situated in the territory of Dubno Castle.
Celebration of weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, presentations, theme parties and festive events of special level in the tent.

Wedding design studio “Fatin”. Kavkazka street, 7, Rivne.
Phone: +380964710262, +380504352999.

Dubno Castle was built in the XVth century and consists of three palaces: The Gateway block, The palace of princes Ostrozkyi, The palace of princes Liubomyrskyi. The castle is fortified by defensive moat and bastions’ systems. You feel romance of the Middle Ages and spirit of real adventure here.
Dubno castle is unique place to conduct your event. Celebration of wedding or anniversary in this place is prestigious not only in Ukraine but in the whole world. You may wonder how does wedding take place in Europe’s castles, how many does it cost and what emotion does unusual location impress the guests. Rivne region is lucky to have the castle in Dubno.
A high-quality carpet is on the floor and exquisite chandeliers are on the ceiling in the tent. Experienced decorators of the wedding design studio “Fatin” will make textile design and festive decor of the tent in any floral gamma and in any style. A kitchen is close to the tent. A special festive menu is created for celebration. It can satisfy the most demanding tastes and preferences. Tidy waiters serve dishes in beautiful tableware. You can order a colorful show program, choose organizers, coordinators, entertainers and musicians who help you to celebrate your event in the tent. You can not worry about mosquitoes and any other insects during the celebration. Guards are responsible for security and safety in the ancient place.

Welcome to Terrace grill

Welcome to Terrace grill
Terrace grill is the ideal place to spend your leisure time. Cosy atmosphere, delicious food and romance of Dubno Castle’s outskirts.
Wait for you:
-Delicious dishes;
-Barbecue grill, steak, kebab, mackerel, salmon steak, etc.;
-Lunch for touristic groups;
-Exquisite Belgian waffles with ice cream and seasonal berries;
-Tasty hot pans;
-Fresh cocktails;
-Different hot drinks and many kinds of goodies.

For more information please contact by phone: +380933998371

Menu of Terrace grill

Café in Dubno Castle

In café of Dubno Castle you can enjoy the taste of aromatic coffee and the most delicious hand-made candies “Ametyst-plus”. You can choose the natural chocolate candies for you and your relatives. There are 17 kinds of candies: prune, dried apricots, fig, peach, melon in dark chocolate, prune in white chocolate, etc. Keep pleasant memories of the time you were in cosy ancient Dubno Castle.

3D cinema in Dubno Castle

Welcome to 3D cinema in Dubno Castle and feel an atmosphere of magic cinema’s world. We propose a film about Dubno Castle in 3D format. In addition, we propose:
-Popcorn, chips
-Delicious pizza
-Tea, coffee, cappuccino
-Belgian waffles
-Pie with meat and cheese
-Hot wine
-Cold beer

We take order for celebration of birthdays with film or cartoon watching.