How to get to Dubno and Dubno Castle

The city of Dubno has always been at the crossroads, so you can get to us: by car, shuttle bus, bicycle, train.

35600 Dubno, street Zamkova, 7A
50°25′10″ пн. ш. 25°44′54″ сх. д.
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By car

There is one main road in Dubno, so you will need to get to the center. If you are entering from the side of the train station, after about 2.6 km on the ring road, turn left and continue on the main road to the city center. At the triple branch (city center) go straight and on the right you will see the castle, near which there is a small parking lot.
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On a bicycle

You can get there in two ways:
1. By road, moving from Lutsk, Rivne, Ternopil, Lviv, Kyiv and other cities
2. First get there by suburban train (electric train) together with your two-wheeled transport, and already in the city to change to a bicycle
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*By public transport

Since Dubno has always been at the crossroads, and now near Dubno is the international highway Kyiv-Chop (E-40), you can easily get to the castle by bus or train
*If you arrive by train,then by minibus №1, 11, 15, 17 you can get to the city center and get off at the stop "Square". Then you will need to go back a little, go to the other side of the road, turn left and after two minutes walk you will see the castle of the Ostroh princes. You can get back by the same minibuses, only the stop is on the other side.

*If you come by bus to the bus station, then in good weather you can walk to the castle on the main street of the city (about 1.5 km), visiting several other historical monuments, namely: Lutsk Gate, the former Bernardine Church, St. Elijah's Cathedral and the historic central street of Dubna.

Or on arrival at the bus station go to the opposite side to the stop, take any minibus in the direction of the center and pass 2 stops. Then go to the opposite side of the street and in a few minutes you will see Dubno Castle. If you come by direct flight from Rivne, you can immediately get out in the city center at the stop "Square"

It should be noted that in the city itself there is a pretty good bike path with markings and road signs. The track starts approximately 300 m from the railway station and ends 600 m (on the bridge) from the city center or 850 m from Dubno Castle.
Dubno bike path
Dubno bike path 2
Dubno bike path 3
Dubno bike path 4

Useful links

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