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Exhibition - The Art of Hunting

Exhibition "The Art of Hunting"

The interior of the hall is as close as possible to the medieval one. The central objects of the exposition are wall paintings with scenes of royal and princely hunting: winter bear hunting, in which the last king of the Commonwealth Stanislaus August II Poniatowski and Prince Mykhailo Lubomyrsky took part in 1781; spring falconry, in which Prince KK Ostrozky and his wife S. Tarnavska take part; autumn deer hunting of Prince KI Ostroh. In addition, the hall contains stuffed birds of prey, small animals, large game and hunted princely trophies: heads of wild boars, horns and heads of red deer and elk. The armament is represented by the types of weapons used in the 16th - 18th centuries. The exposition is located on the first floor of the palace of the Lubomyrsky princes.


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