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Exposition of archeology and ancient culture "Imperishable memory of centuries"

Exposition of archeology and ancient culture "Imperishable memory of centuries"

The exposition combines compactness and completeness of coverage of the prehistoric past of Dubno region. Based on archaeological finds, you can learn about the ancient cultures of the people who lived in our region. About their occupation, way of life, beliefs.
A prominent place here is occupied by a model-reconstruction of the tomb of spherical amphorae from the village of Ivanya (around 2560 BC), a ceremonial battle ax and a bracelet from the burial mounds in the village of Ivan (1600-1400 BC), a collection of stone drilled axes and burial inventories of cord pottery cultures from the villages of Volytsia, Privilne, Lypa, Mokre (last quarter of III - first half of II millennium BC), collection Late Trypillia axes (late IV - early III millennium BC), an amphora of the Early Iron Age VII-VI centuries. BC, inventory from the Hepida cemetery III-IV centuries. from the village Children's, the remains of the skeleton of mammoths and many other exhibits.
Visitors will have an unforgettable impression of the review of ancient tools, ceramics, weapons, jewelry, sacred things. The exposition gives an opportunity to get an idea of ​​the diversity of human culture in the Dubno region, to get closer to a completely different understanding of the world and the adaptation to it of those people who lived here long before us.


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