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Oh, our red family
The picture shows a peasant house of the late 19th century in section. Where on the right hand is the room of the owners - a room filled with the necessary household items. The rest of the house - hay, various household items.

Exposition of ethnography and decorative-applied art "Oh, our red family ..."

The exposition shows household items, tillage tools, handicrafts, the main interior items of a traditional Ukrainian peasant house of the late XIX - early XX centuries.
In a separate hall there are various types of arts and crafts, which have deep connections with the historical past. Here is shown folk clothing - one of the main components of the material culture of the people. Embroidered shirts and towels contain a symbolic perception of the world, which is expressed by magical patterns-charms. Visitors can also see products made of ceramics, wickerwork, straw weaving, artistic carving, etc.
Much attention is paid to modern clothing in the folk style. Among them are wedding clothes designed by Zenovia Shulga, associate professor of the Department of Art Textiles of the Lviv Academy of Arts, and Zoya Semak, Candidate of Technical Sciences. Clothes designed by designers of the Private Joint-Stock Company "Edelvik" from Lutsk.
Objects of the national economy and works of decorative and applied art are a rich, harmonious world that has brought us the national features of Ukrainian culture. They reflect the heritage and artistic genius of the Ukrainian people.


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